Reimagine how your most important work gets done

Acquire is a new consulting model for a new era. Our agile workforce is handpicked from the top 20% of independent experts. We’ll work with you to find new ways of delivering your most important work, from filling critical expertise gaps to creating specialist teams to deliver mission-critical projects.

Highly targeted. Ultra-flexible. Totally efficient. Welcome to the energy workforce of the future.

Dedicated to all energy

We’re energy agnostic, and don’t prioritise one specialism over another. By providing three centres of excellence across the energy spectrum, we’re helping to support a balanced energy transition that makes a real positive impact on energy use and equity worldwide.


We can support you in exploring, developing, and producing the smarter, cleaner hydrocarbons required for our near-term energy needs.


We can help envisage, develop and build capability for low carbon renewable energy – from generation to storage and distribution.


We support heavy industry, transport and infrastructure industries to embrace the new technologies and business models emerging from the green economy.

Choose your own A-Team

When we say we handpick our consultants, we mean it. The 6,100 high value experts currently in our community all joined us through invite only selection. And because only 1 in 8 pass our unique KYC assessment process and are accepted as members, you can be sure you’re working with the very best in your field. The top 20%, in fact.

Supercharge your agility

Our services provide you with a uniquely agile way to work. In essence, we do as much or as little as you need. With unrivalled industry expertise, we’re on hand to manage entire projects or provide expertise to blend into existing teams. Either way we’ll make sure you get the collaboration, value and end results you want from your ideal team or individual. We offer four distinct service products for you to choose from.


Fill individual expertise gaps in your workforce.


Combine external experts with your internal resources to take project performance to the next level.


Create an expert team from scratch for a specific project outcome.


Build an off-balance sheet capability to optimise your employee model for long term agility.

Why choose

  • Deep expertise

    We’re not generalists. Our fully vetted workforce reflects the top 20% of leading -edge industry knowledge. 100% expertise, 100% of the time.

  • Unrivalled flexibility

    Tell us how you want to work and we’ll flex around your needs, dialling resource up and down as required.

  • Rapid results

    Our experts have first-hand experience working on the projects you’re planning. They’ve solved these challenges before – which is why we deliver results 42% faster on average than traditional consulting firms.

  • Effortless integration

    Our end-to-end solution means that once you’ve selected your team they get straight to work. We take care of all compliance and payments, so you can focus on what’s next.

  • Streamlined value

    Our model directly correlates cost and quality. So you pay for what you use, and not what you don’t. Lean, focused and measurable.

The data to date

  • Net zero

    since June 2020

  • $52m

    paid out to our experts in the past 3 years

  • 100%

    independent and employee owned

  • 1 in 8

    only the top 20% of applicants successfully pass our experts vet expert assessment and are invited to join the workforce

  • 91%

    of our clients continue to work with us on a repeat basis

  • 34

    countries in which we provide compliant solutions

Selected recent workforce projects