What We Do

A revolutionary workforce model

Your challenges. Our experts. Dream scenario.

The energy industry is undergoing a sustained period of change – and so is the workforce that drives it. As more and more high value experts choose to work independently, the majority of leading-edge knowledge now resides outside your organisation. Acquire allows you to tap into the precise know-how you need, with high efficiency, whenever you need it.

The flex you need, whatever the project

Whatever your energy specialism or current business objectives, we have the talent and versatility to inject the right people at the right time.

Increase expertise

Integrate external resources with internal ones to boost your knowledge base

Deliver complex projects

Create bespoke teams with prior experience of the task in hand

Evolve technology

Make sure you’re investing in the smartest possible way

Design and build energy Infrastructure

Get a holistic point of view with insights from right across the industry


Grow your business more efficiently

Envisage and
evolve Strategies

Get the best brains in the business to help you plan for tomorrow

Know your consultant

Our Unique KYC – Know Your Consultant – application process means you’re only ever collaborating with the best of the best.

Pre-assessment filter

Before assessment can begin, applicants need to meet our minimum criteria. If they don’t, they can re-apply at a future date.

Acquire review

They will then be invited to speak to our community relationship.

Peer review

Our experts are vetted by other experts – specifically a technical interview conducted by a peer, who is always a domain expert already part of our community. So if a Drilling Engineer is applying they will always be vetted by an Expert Drilling Engineer.

Evidence based project due diligence

We’ll then look at project details, responsibilities, and outcomes from a real project, drawing real-world intelligence from at least three sources to guarantee accuracy.


When – and only when – all these assessments have been passed, the applicant is added to our unique skills pool system. The information extrapolated will be used to build their bespoke expert profile, which helps to ensure they are correctly coded to record the expert’s strengths, skills and detailed requirements.

Ready to work on live projects

The applicant is now added to a skills pool, making them searchable for your next project.

Our community at a glances



The top 20% stars in their field assessed with only 1 in 8 successful in passing our KYC vetting process



Acquire experts cover the full energy spectrum with energy specific Skill pools of experts

18 – 21 years

Average experience

The experience of our experts has been built up over many years with renowned firms



Acquire Experts span all geographies and covers the full spectrum of energy of expertise

Deliver projects in a unique, agile way

  • Bolster your internal expertise for a specific period of time

    Acquire Strengthen
  • Handpick the right expertise for internally-led project teams

    Acquire Fluid
  • Build an expert external team to fast-track an outcome or project

    Acquire Bespoke
  • Generate a flexible custom workforce capability around your mid- and long-term needs

    Acquire Future-Flex

It's quick, end-to-end & globally compliant

  • Tell us what you need

    Call us, e-mail us, or fill out a project briefing on-line, specifying the scope of work, skills required, budget and timeline.
    Our expert qualified account managers will then work with you to refine the brief ready to reach out across the community

  • Meet the experts

    Your account manager will then use our platform to deliver a selection of experts that match your needs – usually within 48 hours.
    They can arrange interviews, conduct assessments, provide references, and do anything else you need to make an informed decision.

  • Launch your project

    Once you select your perfect team or individual, we’ll do everything else. Your team will get straight to work following your timeline, while we handle all the admin in the background.

  • Assured compliance across all geographies

    We guarantee total legal and financial compliance everywhere we work. From background checks and worker classification to payroll, tax and client ownership of work, everything is taken care of our end